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R&D Customer Testimonial

I rode it for about two hours, one hour after doing a refuel and then refueling again to get an idea of the gas mileage.  Most of the route was at 60MPH.  It mathed out to 41 MPG, which was about what I would have expected for riding alone on the country roads at 60.  I didn't post this part because I wanted to get a better idea of actual MPG before sharing publicly.  But on the RPM portion, it did as advertised and there was still plenty of power.

S/F, Steve

A customer's testimonial



Henry a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast had his first experience on a Honda Goldwing in 2014 when he purchased a 2005 GL1800. Spending several months riding around Southern California and putting on 500 miles he noticed that the engine was overpowering the gear ratio. Excessive power and awkward gearing made long distance riding tiresome and draining. He noticed high RPM's at cruising highway speeds and excessive power in lower speeds around the parking lot. The strange combination of power and gearing downgraded the experience of riding a Goldwing.

With this in mind Henry used his professional experience from the powertrain and differential gear manufacturing industry to solve this problem. He first recognized that the gearing was too low causing RPM"s to be in the 3000's when cruising at 70 mph. If cruising in the mid 2000 RPM range could be accomplished it could significantly improve the ride and also reduce gas usage and motor wear.

Quickly turning to online forum discussions regarding the same concerns from other Honda enthusiasts Henry connected with others to find what the best gear ratio match would be. With the help of Honda Goldwing enthusiast Henry sampled and tested numerous designs and modifications. After 4 years of developments and testing he achieved a perfect match and accomplished dropping the RPM to 2600 cruising at 70 MPH.

With the success of accomplishing the same results with his group testing all throughout the United States, he built a limited stock of upgraded Final Drive Gear boxes available for any Honda Goldwing GL1800 enthusiast.